Haunted Plymouth

Welcome to the Haunted Plymouth Website
Plymouth is a city rich with history, atmosphere and above all else its fair share of Ghosts, Ghouls and classic hauntings. Much like the Pilgrim Fathers who set sail from Plymouth in 1620, Haunted Plymouth will too take you on a journey to discover why this ancient port has such a wide array of supernatural phenomena.

Therefore why not come and experience the highly acclaimed Haunted Plymouth Ghost Walk where you will be led by your official guide to Haunted sites around Plymouth. Listen to your guide as you stroll through the ancient cobbled streets of Plymouth, hear tales of old haunted inn's, phantom spectres and genuine stories of what has been witnessed in the past by those unfortunate to come face to face with the darker side of Plymouth.
Haunted Plymouth Ghost Walks
Haunted Plymouth was founded by Kevin Hynes in 2009, the concept behind Haunted Plymouth is to keep the history of Plymouth's hauntings and ghostly tales alive and current for future generations to experience. It would be a crime for Plymouth's Haunted Heritage to slowly fade away into the shadows.

Haunted Plymouth Investigations 

Haunted Plymouth specialises in the famous Plymouth Ghost Walk but also takes part in actively investigating the paranormal in undertaking all night vigils in apparent haunted locations. Haunted Plymouth are a small, friendly professional team of experienced paranormal investigators. We are always on the look out for new haunted locations and sites to investigate.

If you are interested in Haunted Plymouth undertaking a full investigation into apparent paranormal activity then please contact us.