Haunted Plymouth

'Encounters' is a brand new Paranormal web-show which uses the latest cutting edge technology in the paranormal field and sees Seasoned Investigator and Haunted Plymouth team member, Jason Higgs experience alleged Haunted Locations around the Country ... Alone.

Although Jason investigates overnight alone, Kevin Hynes is also involved in the 'Encounters' Project, along with Mikey Parkinson and collectively they make up the Encounters Crew along with Rich Silverwood and James Fletcher.

Episode 1 was filmed at Bodmin Jail in 2014 and it showed Jason wandering the dark macarbe corridors of the old prison in the deep of night.  Episode 2 was filmed at Davidstow's Cornwall at War Museum and possibly has some of the best evidence for the paranormal ever seen.  All Episodes and sneak previews can be seen by clicking this link - Encounters
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Episode 1 Promo Advert at Bodmin Jail
Episode 2 Screenshot of Kevin Hynes