Haunted Plymouth

Your Guide
Kevin Hynes was born and brought up in Plymouth. His interest into ghosts and the supernatural stretches back to his early childhood. For the past 14 years Kevin has been actively investigating the paranormal, which includes spending time at a wide array of some of the top most haunted locations throughout the UK.

Kevin has had his fair share of paranormal experience's over the years, but is always looking to find a rational explanation to the cause of supernatural occurrences with out presuming that the unexplainable is 100% paranormal. He classes himself as a believer but has become slightly more skeptical over the past few years - even though he has witnessed on a number of occasions what he can only describe as genuine paranormal activity!    

Previously he has been involved with several paranormal groups contributing to the running of charity nights, ghost walks and has appeared on local television and radio in relation to his work. His passion for history and the paranormal is second to none. Kevin is also the author of 'Haunted Plymouth' and 'Haunted Dartmoor' published by the History Press.

He co-founded Supernatural Investigations with the aim of serious paranormal research, and today is involved in the day to day running of S.I(UK), his role with in Supernatural Investigations is Locations Co-ordinator, he is often the first point of contact and is alway's on the look out for new locations / cases to investigate.